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Comedy for Communities International wants you to gather a team and let loose!

We'll be sharing challenges here and on our Social Media pages to encourage you to think outside the box and get creative.

Playing is simple: 

1. Watch for the challenges on Facebook or Instagram, or check back here to see updates

2. Register your team below for a fee of $5

3. Try your hand at the tricky task Captain Challenge has for you

4. Submit a picture or video of your challenge to [email protected] or submit below.

You'll have 12 days to finish each Challenge the Captain presents! 

The winner will receive free entry for the next challenge, then all entries will be entered into a draw for a Grand Prize!

Good Luck Everyone!

Register Here!

Register Here!

Submit Here!

Week three challenge

Captain's Challenge #3

A Minute and a Half of FUN!

Your next challenge will be to create a video that brings a little Joy to your Summer!  It can be you, your friends, or anyone else having the most amount of fun in 1-minute and 30-seconds!   

The team video sharing their fun Summer spirit wins!! 

Good Luck and Have FUN!


Submissions are due by Saturday, August 7th!


CHALLENGE #2 WINNER of Camouflage!!

Can you see them?

Congratulations to The Grizzly Bayers' for their entry 

'In the Woods!'

Challenge #2 - Camouflage! Runners Up.

Challenge #1 Entries AND Winner!

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